Reseted skill?


Hello i have little problem here. I completed skill "Make a Website" but now it is reseted or something. There is red text "PREWIEW" next to it. I dont have problem with that or something ... im just curious and little bit scared :smiley: is something simmilar going to happen to all my courses ? :smiley:


The Make a Website course has been rewritten. If you have completed it once in the Airbnb version, you can now do it again in the new format, starting with Ollie's Bike Sharing.

More points for you! :slightly_smiling:

The "make a website" code disappeared
My progress of 'Make a website' disappeared!
Where did my coding project go?
CSS Styling #5 Stuck on this one!

I will do it, if it is something new. Thanks for good news :smiley:


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