i don't know what to do.
Can somebody help me?
Here is the question:From the terminal, type the command to reset to a previous commit, using the first 7 characters of one of the commit SHAs in your Git log.

My code what i am doing:
git reset commit_82f927d
Then it says Fatal: that i need to use --?
then it says use this git command revision -- file.

Pls help


Same problem. Maybe a bug?


I did just use "git reset SHA" and that seemed to work. Don't know if it had the desired effect, but it allowed me to progress at least.


Hi @vincent0302. You're so close! You actually don't need the word "commit" or the underscore _ in reset commit_82f927d. The code below will suffice (as long as those 7 digits come from one of the commit SHAs that you got from the git log output.

git reset 82f927d

Hope this helps!




Hello it worked thank you


TY!! it worked. I can go furder again.