Reset single modules

Hi there!

This question might have been brought up already (not that I could find anything).

About the modules: it is possible to reset the progress of a whole path/course. It is also possible to reset single exercises within lessons. It doesn’t seem to be possible to reset a specific module inside of a path/course though.

I think this would be a tremendously useful feature really. Any thoughts/comments on that?

Thanks, cheers!

It’s not really a solution for you but it may cut down on the number of things that’d need to be reset: If I’m not mistaken resetting the 1st lesson in a series of lessons would lead to a reset of all those lessons. I think that’d just be those lessons (e.g. the next 8 lesson pages) so any projects or quizzes etc. wouldn’t be reset this way. Not ideal but if you don’t find a quicker route doing this could save you a few extra clicks at least.

If there’s no route to reset more of a module (I think it’s either a full module or nothing but I might be wrong) then you could raise it as suggestion-

Cool! Thanks for the little workaround!

May I ask whoever reads this and is capable of doing so to move this thread to the suggestions category? :innocent: I think this feature would indeed make Codecademy even better.

Thanks for moving this to the suggestions! Indeed, here is a somewhat old and very good description of what I mean:

Kind regards!