Reset python (Pro) course

I have raised this in the past and was given a workaround it is about 6 months later and i am wondering if this has changed.

I want to reset my Computer Science course. I recall having to manually reset each course which along with being quite a long process was not working correctly.

Is this fixed? I want to pay to upgrade to pro but will have my course progress to the state i was last at months ago when i want to start from scratch (clean slate)


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Tried to do a search on this starting from this year and cannot see anything. I am waiting to see if resetting pro courses (python) is possible. I wanted to be able to wipe the entire course

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Hi @diesel_1, thanks for this post! I hate to say it, but as helpful as it would be to wipe a course and start over, it’s not yet possible. You can, however, reset your progress for individual exercises within lessons and single courses. I know it’s not ideal, but I hope it helps in the mean time.

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