Reset is broken. How to REALLY reset?

I signed my son up for the Pro subscription for him to do the Python course. He didn’t get to do any during Summer break and needs to pick it up again. But he said he forgot most of it. So we tried resetting his course. But it doesn’t really reset. He gets sent to the end of each lesson. Using the ‘back’ button brings him to the beginning. But then using the forward button, the instructions stop matching the exercise code. Going back and forth, it gets worse and worse, complaining about missing scripts.

The overview also still shows the percentages of the lessons completed.

I tried find a way to contact Codecademy, but there’s no way to contact them that I could find. There seems to be zero customer service. So I hope to get some help through here, before I need to cancel his subscription. I also want to reimbursed as I’d prefer not to pay for such a crappy experience. I can tell my credit-card to pull the payments, but I’d rather do this the nice way. Anyone any experience with that here?

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Have you tried the help Desk? Have you sent @oduffy (codecademy community Maniger) a message? Those may help

Best option in these scenarios is always to contact our customer support team here:

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I was contacted by customer support. Basically there is no solution. I was told to reset each problem individually, but I found that leads to other annoying effects. And it doesn’t reset the overall progress percentages. :rage::rage: