Reset doesn't work

I’m going through the HTML beginner course. It’s fantastic and I enjoy it, BUT it has happened very often that the “reset exercise” button does not work. That’s a problem when I’ve written something wrong and have gone lost …
Is it a known bug … - or?
By the way: I’m using Win10 and Firefox …
Regards from a happy newbie :grinning:

Hey there, welcome to the community!

Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself learning HTML :slight_smile:

As for the reset button, I can’t say for sure if it’s a bug or not. Best would be to try it out using another browser, just to make sure. I usually switch between Firefox and Chrome whenever I get unexpected results on one or the other.

Thx, ghost :smile:
I’ll try that …

Sorry, but it doesn’t work in Chrome neither … :cry:

Or maybe I’ve misunderstood the function? Maybe the RESET botton is functioning only BEFORE having clicked the RUN botton? Having clicked on this RUN thing you are done and the changes in the code are saved for ever … :thinking:

Alright, let me try :slight_smile:

Could you please provide a link to the exercise(s) that pose(s) an issue with this button?

I’m having the same issue

Reset workspace, say my code will be removed but it doesn’t. I need to go through the course again so I cannot progress until this is resolved.