Reset course on codeacademy

Is it possible to reset some course on codeacademy ? I started some courses long time ago but never finished so I want to start from beginning


Have a look at this article


I want to reset my Computer Science course. I like the way my progress is tracked and did not want to lose this as well as having to manually reset each exercise. I was advised by code academy to cancel my subscription and create another account but what happens to my money I paid for subscription???

I don’t think the solution offered by resetting each exercise is good enough. Are code academy seriously looking to resolve this as it seems a few people are raising the same issue.

Hi @diesel_1 ,

I’m sorry to hear about the wall you’ve hit trying to reset your progress. I can absolutely understand how you’d be frustrated with questions still outstanding after chatting with Customer Support.

It sounds like there’s likely some more information about what you’re trying to achieve that our team doesn’t have yet. If it’s alright, I’ll DM you to learn a bit more about what you’d like to see possible in the Codecademy interface. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for the DM alyssa, as discussed there was some confusion on my part when chatting with the support team. Looks like there is a something that can work so just going through the process with the code academy team now.

Thanks again