Reset course but code was still there

Today, I wanted to relearn basic Python because I had previously completed 44% of the course but did not finish. I had forgotten most of what I needed to know in order to continue from that point, so I reset the course and started from the beginning. I remembered some of the syntax so I went through the first section very quickly and completed the quiz. When I went to the next section, I found that all of the code was finished for me. I am pretty sure that this is the code that I had already done. What can I do to fix this?

Hmmm, that one sounds like a job for customer support. When you get a chance, please visit where you’ll find the option to send our team an email about this. So sorry about the confusion!

Reset the course? I guess you have to reset on each lesson as you reach there. There isn’t a “reset all” button.

I used the reset all button but I guess it didn’t work right. I filed a support ticket and they said that they’re working to see what’s wrong.

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