Reset Code and Reset Exercise Does Not Work

Reset code and reset lesson from the Help menu does nothing upon activation.

For whatever reason the reset code and reset lesson function is not working for me. This has been an issue on all of my lessons because just about everyone starts with encouraging one to experiment (add, delete, modify) existing data to see an outcome...only problem is when I do that, and make a mess of things, the reset function is not doing anything. For giggles, I completely removed all the code in this one lesson, tried to reset, but all that remained was a blank sheet for the CSS/html editor, and as such a blank slate in the web preview. You can still progress by following the directions exactly but alas without seeing what exactly it is you are doing. I suppose one could manually copy and paste the code at the start but that seems like a lot of work for a function that is not working...for me atleast?

Anyone else having issues with this? I've done everything on my end making sure flash, browsers, yada yada are up to do date, so I feel that this is not something on my end...but because I wanted to test this feature (or lack of) I now can't progress through my lessons any further. :fearful:

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This could be an issue with the browser you are using. You should try using a different one than you currently are or if you have try another. Alternatively ensure that the magnification in the browser itself isn’t above or below 100% and try to do the resets again (there is a known issue with magnification screwing with the functionality of the site). If all else fails either re-install the browser you are using. Try a different platform like your phone, laptop, desktop etc if you wanted to work it out yourself otherwise contact CodeAcademy support and hopefully they can give you a more definitive answer.

Best of luck!

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