Reset button doesn't work

Since a few days ago, reset button on all exercises I have tried simply doesnt work. I click on reset, codeacademy tells me that my workplace has been restored, except it hasn’t. I have filled a bug report multiple times. Is there a way to contact codeacademy so they can fix this problem?

Post in this thread (it has a Codecademy Rep). They say they fixed it recently, but mine isn’t working still…

Hi @hradiladam, thanks for coming to the Forums, and genuinely sorry for the continued issues with the reset button. I just checked in with our Support team manager who confirmed that the fix for this should be out on production, but since you both wrote in with similar issues in a similar time frame, could you please file another report with Support by visiting The team will look into it as fast as they can.

My tech support person replied to me that it should be fixed. I replied to my tech support person about 10 hours ago that I’m still having the issue. Is that good enough or should I open another case?

oh my , seeing your reply , make me regret paying for pro . i thought i can get immediate help …am dealing with same problem , i cant reset my learning path , entire course doesnt reset .

i have tried using the get help , reset projects , but the previous tracks are still there .