Reset a whole lesson (NOT the exercise alone but also NOT the whole path)

I have now skimmed through the forums for quite some time. There seems to be no way to do this.

I want to reset a part of my learning path. E. g. I’m taking the Full Stack Engineer program. I really struggle with part 5, JavaScript Syntax II.

I want to reset a chapter within this part, see screenshot

Please do not respond, if you want to recommend to reset an individual exercise (I know how to that, but that’s not what I want) and please do also not respond if you want to recommend to reset the whole Path of Full Stack Engineer (because that’s something I definitely don’t want to reset).

Thank you

I don’t think that what you are trying to do is possible.

You can go into the Lesson, navigate with the burger menu back to the first exercise and reset that exercise - which will set your progress for the lesson back to the start, but it will not erase your previous code so your solutions will be there as you progress again.

There is no way to clear the progress for the quiz or reading items, that I know of.

The project is self-paced, so you can clear that manually by deleting your code and resetting it.

@mattliv do you know if resetting just this section is possible?

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Ok, thank you @thepitycoder

The reason I was asking for this was, that the advanced concepts sometimes (at least for me) need a second iteration and in the “long” curriculum of the Full Stack Engineering path, this helps to keep track “where I am”.

However, I also found that through the keyboard shortcut ALT+G I could reset the code for each part of the lesson and this now works fine for me (I assume it is a minor thing so maybe not so relevant for everyone).

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Hi @philippkowalski80717 and @thepitycoder! Unfortunately there isn’t a way to reset an entire chapter right now, only a full course/path or individual exercises. It looks like you have a solution for now that’s working though.

I got word recently that this feature is coming in 2021! It’s on our product roadmap :partying_face: