Requesting Help: On (shift+2) the double, double quotation mark

Hi everyone.

I’ve just started on a course in Python and I’ve stumbled onto something that annoys me. It’s regarding the double quotation mark. Often, not always, when I hit Shift+2 I create TWO double quotation marks, like this: “”
If I continue to press Shift+2 the following will happen:

  • On 2nd click I will still have two double quotation marks “”
  • On 3rd click I will have SIX double quotation marks… “”""""
  • On 4th click I will still have six double quotation marks. “”""""
  • On 5th and onwards, it will simply add 1 mark per click. “”"""""…""""""""""""
    Note: This is happening for me in programs like word, notepad++ and the Im currently using, not everywhere (fx not in the chrome browser nor does it happen while creating this topic)
    (It is clearly trying to create both the starting and ending symbol for the quote, leaving me to type inside… Which I miss/don’t notice and end up having 2 individual, empty quotes and what I belive is called a syntax error)

Ideally I would like that 1 click of Shift+2 created 1 symbol of the double quotation marks. I’ve googled this extensively and couldn’t find an answer. Also, please note that this is not the issue where I have to press twice or hit space bar for the symbol to appear - I have checked my keyboard/language settings in windows and everything seems to be in order.

Im don’t think I could explain the situation further or in more detail.

Thank you for reading all this.
Fair warning, I wont be able to check the forum untill the 6th August, don’t think Ive forgotten about this tho.

Have I posted this in the wrong Category/Topic/Section? Excuse me.

Good day!

it can be quite handy, given it ensures you don’t forgot to close your string or for parentheses. Although in the beginning it might need some time to get used to.

these settings are editor (notepad++ for example) specific, so you would need to google the editor this “problem” occurs. See if the editor allows this to be changed. Keyboard and language settings are not the right place to look

Goodness. I fetched a drink and my question was already answered. Awesome.

Thank you @stetim94 , I’ll see if I cant get used to it for now.
If I do decide to turn it off: while I can edit settings in my own notepad++ programs, can I edit this setting in the on the Codecademy site? (Im in the learn python course)

Again, thanks for the quick and useful answer.

nope, that is not possible, for codecademy you will just have to deal with it i am afraid

but give it a fair change, it can be handy to ensure you don’t forget ) for example. In the beginning i had the same opinion as you, but the more i programmed, the more i enjoyed that two " where inserted, it saved me effort to chase bugs like forgetting " to end string, or a missing parenthesis (this one occurred more)

Very well, now that I know it might be useful and that I can’t change it anyways I will definitely be able to live with it.
Given that Ive spent about as much time on fiddling with qoutation marks as I have in the python course, I should probably get back to it, eh?

(If topics needs to be closed/marked as answered and I fail to do this after I post this, please consider it so)

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