Requesting Feedback on my portfolio project!

This one took a bit more time than I thought. I had more ideas of things that I wanted to do (and I can later) but I didn’t want to work on this for tooo long. I spent probably around 15 hours putting this together!

Here’s this link to the pages site:

And then to the repo:

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I like it. It’s clean, simple, and easily navigable. I like how the projects are presented–with the skills utilized listed next to it.

Some things to consider:

  • On the resume/cv page maybe close up the space between the sections.(?)

  • Nix the word “Summary” at the top of the resume.

  • Also, maybe make each para a couple bullet points instead.

  • Remove the link to Twitter. I would basically avoid any links to social media accounts unless they’re business-oriented. There needs to be a separation between personal and work life.

It’s a very good portfolio website, it’s very simple and well-organized
Good luck