Requesting feedback on my basic portfolio site

Please check out my portfolio site!
It’s fairly basic right now but I plan to add more pages for my various projects as I complete them.

For the JavaScript element, I added arrow navigation to my projects gallery so you can rotate through them. I will add clickable links to the projects once I add their pages to the site.

Maybe I overthought it but I spent about 8 hours on the project from wireframing to finished product. It was more challenging than I originally expected partly due to my being new to JavaScript. I could probably write cleaner code as I continue to gain experience.

I was better about using git in this project but I think I need to focus on working on a single feature for each commit.

Here is the live site: Ryan's Portfolio Page
and here is the repo: GitHub - Ryno303/PortfolioPage


I think it’s great and really like the projects slider! Could be good to have a little more space around the sides and bottom of the text in the about me section (about the same space that is at the top)? And perhaps a slightly darker shade of the colour for the background around the content boxes so they stand out more? But design is quite subjective so don’t change them if you like it as it is! :slight_smile:

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For the “About Me” section, it might be better to break out the paragraphs into more succinct bullet points. If you want to have a more long form version, maybe link it (from the home page or menu) and put it on its own page(?)

I like the project slider too, but is there a GitHub link for people to see the projects and code? remember, it’s better to show, rather than just tell people that you have these programming skills.

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I appreciate the feedback! I’ve made a few revisions based on that, and gave it a little more substance.

Thanks again!