[Request] Please allow students to remove an active skillpath, career path, or course from their dashboard on the 'My Courses' tab

I know I’m not the first student to suggest this, but the fact that this is still not a feature in late 2020 is disappointing. Many students like myself may have simply checked out or sampled the first lesson in a longer track and have not been able to remove it from our dashboard which causes it to clutter with courses we may no longer be interested in.

Please allow students a little checkmark in the upper right corner of these yellow rectangless or something similar to remove courses, skill paths, and career paths that we would like removed from our dashboard. I’m not sure if this is something ‘too difficult’ to code in by your team but please add this feature. Students going as far back as 2016 have been requesting this and it’s fallen on deaf ears.

There’s already a topic for this suggestion here: