Request for Swift Programming Language Course

Here to request a detailed course on the Swift programming language created & overseen by Apple. The Swift programming language is a quickly growing & largely used language for its high amounts of security, versatility, programmer-friendly setup, and dedicated maintenance. There are several ways to learn Swift, just as there are many other ways to learn any other language - I’ve come to prefer Codecademy most for several reasons, and would love to learn it through here. All sources found with simple “swift programming language statistics” Google search.

Part of the problem I foresee is that most people are driven to codecademy from sites pointing to starter/beginner courses. Granted CC courses are elevated in the Pro or Pro Intensive roll-outs, but nothing to the extent that any could really grasp what Swift, or Lua or any other dedicated language is about. Perhaps that day will come, but so too will November 31.

I’ve tried learning Swift these past few days using other online courses like Codecademy offers, but none of them quite compare to the way Codecademy teaches programming. I would honestly love a Codecademy Swift course.

I would also love to see a course on Swift! As someone who is still fairly new to coding and decided to invest in PRO, I still have a lot to learn. But I think that being able to learn how to create mobile apps in java/kotlin or objective c/swift would be awesome!