Request for review. Medical Insurance project using DataFrame and Visualizations

Hi everyone!

I started analyzing the data using DataFrame and visualizations (based on the data types of each column).
Afterwards I noticed that one request was to write code using OOP concepts.

So I extracted some very generic behaviors into 2 functions, where I used DataFrame built-in methods:

  • apply transformation on a column
  • group by a column and apply transformation on a second column

Visualizations are not part of the structured code, as they were written beforehand and I left them as they were. But I got the most information from data visualization.

I am curios about any opinion on the analytical approach and structure. Probably the overall code structure won’t get a passing grade. :slight_smile:

Thank you all in advance!

Here is the code in the GitLab repo: [Project] Medical Insurance.ipynb · develop · Data Science Projects / Medical Insurance · GitLab