Request for Lua

I am a Gamer (Wanna be Developer) on Roblox. I’ve completed some courses on Codecademy, and I would like if there was a way for Codecademy to do a course for Lua. Lua is the scripting language in Roblox studio and little old me wants to create a game. SPOILER ALERT I don’t even know what kind of game I’m going to make yet… I would love a course on Lua.
- ejtack

PS: If anybody plays roblox my username is ejtack.

As of now, Codecademy has no Lua. Until they have one, I suggest using other sources like Udemy, Khan Academy, or just watching YouTube videos.

Thanks! I mean it never really was a question but thanks anyways. Maybe I’ll try one of those. Well, except Yt videos. Are they free?

Khan Academy might have some free stuff on it, but I don’t really know. I’ve never actually wanted to learn Lua or looked into it. But I can check for you if you want.

Okay thanks! I can check it myself. But I can understand you not being interested in Lua… It’s not that well known.

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