Request For Golang

Hello I am a learner from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
So far I so enjoy learning with Codecademy it is so fun and great place for busy guy like me.
I learn a lot with Front End Development courses . Now I want to learn Back End tech with my favorite Language like Go. I am so happy if Codecademy have this course because I really could not find other website is better than Codecademy. And I also already set my goal to be JS & Go Developer.

Hope codecademy team have plan to give Golang course available on website in the future.

Unfortunately we can add all languages, that would be great

i really find another resource to learn Golang. Learn to read the documentation of golang, it will always be more in depth then a tutorial.

Languages are a tool to get the job done, don’t use a language when its not the right tool for the job (you see this sometimes with python right now, cause its popular/“in”)