Request for critique: Review my code

My code is hosted here

EDIT: The code will work on Windows only (for now)

So I’m a Python rookie. It’s been years since I first registered to codecademy. I’m really interested in programming but I got desperate because I was learning but didn’t have where to apply my new knowledge. After years of resetting my account time and again to relearn python, I’ve finally find something to work on. I don’t have an advanced knowledge, so I didn’t use object oriented programming and the like. I guess I’ll recheck the python course once I’m done with this little project of mine.

Soon I’m going to need to make a spreadsheet with technical specifications of lots and lots of computers. I have two options: get the specs manually, which will take a lot of time (getting to the PC, look for model, serial numbers, and etc.) or write something to automate it. Now, this isn’t at all finished: Next step is to program a macro in the spreadsheet (I’ll need to relearn VBA as well, ugh) to import the CSV file this program creates.

I’m all ears to what you guys want to add, whether I could have done it better, or if you liked it and used it and you’re welcome to fork it and improve it yourself. You can comment here or on the gist comment section. Thanks for your feedback!