Request for additional explanation of Hypothesis Test theme

I passed the Hypothesis Testing theme in Analyze Data with Python learn path.

I think the course is very crude.I still did not fully understand which test and in what cases should be used. A lot of terminology is introduced right away and is not explained in detail. It turns out that I made the tasks mainly mechanically, just like I passed quizes on this topic.
It is necessary to significantly expand this topic, adding a theory that will smoothly introduce new concepts.
I think for each type of test you should give at least 3-4 different examples.
The course also needs more practical tasks.

Due to the fact that taking this course was not enough for me to understand this topic, please provide links to good videos, articles or books where this topic is discussed in detail.

Hypothesis testing is not an easy subject, and the CC does a good job of introducing it. If you’d like some rigor, then Internet search engines are your friends. I’m partial to JB Statistics, available here and on youtube. Effective, though less rigorous, is this site.

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