Reporting issue


I'm not really sure what the deal with this "reporting format" is so I'm just going to go ahead and file the complaint. On EXERCISE 8 (Word Up) of the PygLatin exercise, it tells you to present 2 variables in a previously completed conditional sentence (which seemed incredibly counter intuitive to me because variables aren't reallly conditions that can be met). It doesn't tell you how to put in the variables or where in the conditional it just says MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE VARIABLES IN THE CONDITIONAL. After trying to put the variables in the conditional many different ways (on different lines, on the same lines, each on a different line, in before, in between, and after the two main parts of the conditional, before and after the colon) I finally asked a rather experience coding friend who was rather confused himself. He told me to just try to put the variables above the conditional cause that was what made sense to him. When I did that it said I completed the exercise correctly and everything. This is problematic for 2 reasons: 1. The direct instructions of the exercise failed to provide me with the right answer, but DIRECTLY contradicting the instructions (by not putting the variables in the conditional like it asks you to do 3 times) gave me the right answer (or at least let me pass the exercise). 2. I am now very confused about the nature of variables inside conditionals, and even though I passed the exercise i'm not sure if what I did actually makes linguistic sense (coding linguistics I guess if that's a thing). Can someone tell me if they have experienced this problem, or at least post a picture of what the right answer is SUPOSED to look like please?


I didn't understand it too and I am confused, I copy paste it from internet


can you show me what you found...cause now i think the rest of the exercise is wrong cause no matter what i do no matter how simple it says im wrong


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