[Reported] Where to report errors in exercises?

I’ve come across a couple of errors in exercises I’m doing, and I’m wondering what’s gernerally the best way and place to alert Codecademy staff so they can fix them.
For example in this SQL project, some columns are defined as INTEGER data type, but contain decimal numbers.
That doesn’t cause any actual errors in the database because the project is SQLite and so data types aren’t enforced - but I’m guessing it’s still wrong, as in: something you shouldn’t do in the real world (or else, an explanation should be added in the exercise). This error is also present in a different exercise.

Sometimes, I come across one of these errrors when asking about a problem here in the forums, and it turns out the problem is related to something not adding up in the way the exercise is written.
In these cases, my problem is solved, because I understood how to solve the exercise, but chances are nobody from Codecademy saw it and the error remains in place.

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You can visit the ‘Report a bug’ link under ‘Helpful Links’ in the Codecademy Forums home page. I hope this helps!

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Hey there!

I’ve seen your other thread (about the restaurant rating) where SQLite’s non-plussed approach to type enforcement has been odd.

I’ll raise a ticket for you, see if I can get someone from the CC curriculum team to review it and change the types so they’re right - even if SQLite doesn’t give a hoot about decimals in an INTEGER field… :slight_smile:

Edit: I have moved your thread to the Bug Reporting category, which is for bug reports. :slight_smile:


Hey @bennypr0fane

A quick update for you.

I’ve flagged this with CC as an issue with the course material, so if there’s any feedback from review I’ll let you know. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Actually I can’t find that ‘Helpful Links’ section in the Forums home page, so I’m gonna file my next bug report in here, hoping that it’s the same thing…

That might be because the default forum theme has changed, and so you might not have the “Helpful Links” bit any more. :+1:t2:

Hello. The link to the ‘reporting a bug’ page is this: https://discuss.codecademy.com/c/community/Codecademy-Bug-Reporting. I hope this helps!