[REPORTED] Several typos in instructions for Ruby lesson: Quick Review: Building a Class

I think the instructions on here have proofreading errors? They say:


But I am guessing that:

MethodName is actually supposed to be method_name


@classVariable is actually supposed to be @class_Variable


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Thank you, @melissatarantola, for reporting this.

I have reported this to the Codecademy engineering team.

hi, earlier it was said that class variable starts with " @@ " whereas in above instructions it’s starting with " @ " which is an instance variable? whats the real thing?

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Good point. Given the variable name without the @ is class_Variable, it seems we could safely assume it is a class variable, and should therefore be @@class_Variable. It’s also curious that they’ve seemingly combined snake_case and camelCase. Maybe it’s a new naming convention called snamel_Case? I’m no Ruby expert, so maybe that’s normal, but I doubt it.