[REPORTED] Reset Button not working

React native

Make an Instagram App (Part One)


I found some very old posts regarding this issue, but without a solution. The app is compiling in the background and I can see that it is responding to changes I do. But since it is throwing rather imprecise errors, I tried to reset the sandbox to its initial state. Pressing the reset button does not have any effect though. The code in the sandbox stays as it was. When I paste the code that is throwing an error in the CC environment into VSCode and open the Expo App on my mobile phone, it’s running fine.

The error is thrown as soon as I try to pass props to the LogIn component. Maybe there is something special about passing props in React native that I missed, but that would leave the issue with the reset button not working.

If anyone could tell me if and how the error thrown is related to my code that would be great.

Running on Google Chrome Version 100.0.4896.127 (Mac OS 12.3.1)

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