[Reported] Punctuation mistake

Project “CSS Grid Pupspa”

“First, we’’ll build a grid layout…”

Hey @dinnosam! Thanks for reporting this.
Can you post a link to the lesson?


Thank you much, I just reported it.


I’ve spotted another mistake in section 4/11 of the first Bootstrap lesson.

Now that we have a understanding of how the layout works

should be: Now that we have AN understanding of how the layout works.

Thanks again!!
If you have a link to the lesson could you please post it so I can report this?


I also would like to inform you that the previous bug you reported has been fixed. Thank you!!

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Thank you much! It has been reported!

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on this Bootsrap quiz, the options in the multiple choice question are inconsistent. Some of them have a period at the end, others don’t.

Yet another has been reported! Thank you!

And your last one has been fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Time to but…

should be “Time to put…”


Thanks again!

Just wrote out a report.

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Do you get to be like an admin if you volunteer a lot?

One gets promoted to Super User based on user stats. You must be active and helpful in the community to be promoted.

As for becoming a moderator, that would probably be best answered by a moderator, as they are usually the ones who decide to give a promotion.

There was a topic written about trust levels here:

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This was just corrected!

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