[REPORTED] No such file or directory error

Hello, @core1493946188.

For now, the easiest workaround for your issue is to type this into the console, and hit <enter>:
cd /home/ccuser/workspace/movies/drama/historical
This will place you where the lesson expects you to be in the directory from the end of the previous lesson. Then you can follow the instructions from here. See my earlier post for a description of the issue.

The issue has been reported to the CC engineering team, but a fix has not yet been implemented.

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still not working…honestly, that’s a disgrace for everyone that has a say in this. it’s not just this exercise, but so many more. I absolutely get that you mostly can’t fix something right away but letting everyone hanging for months is a different story. honestly people, write codeacademy and threaten to cancel your subscription if they do not implement such ■■■■ in a reasonable timely manner.

I just bought a year on Friday and it’s giving me these problems almost every time. :frowning:

hey man I have had the same problem, what worked for me is resetting the exercise and just starting it over again. after that it worked great!