[REPORTED] No such file or directory error

I have posted countless little bugs in the UI and got no response so I’ll post to the forum and see if anyone is listening from CC here.

here’s a link to a screenshot
Google Photos
the instructions say go to X dir
you can see that I’m in X
I cannot progress until I use the exact command from CC.
That is poor programming on the part of CC
it’s a simple IF THEN
example pseudo code:
if user is in X dir then allow NEXT button


I can confirm the same bug.

I hope @Admins can fix it soon so new learners won’t face the same issue.


I’ve been experience similar if not the same bugs in this current lesson and a few of the previous ones. This is extremely frustrating as I just purchased another month of Codecademy pro. :frowning_face:


i had the same problem but i fix it by put a space before comedy

cd …/…/ comedy

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so weirdly even though i was in the comedy folder and had the same issue you can fix this by just copy pasting this:

cd …/…/comedy

into the terminal (i was already in /comedy) and it just then accepts and moves on.

Having same bug. Since its been reported I’m not going to bother. In fact the link to the hint is broken. Also, there is no option to reset the exercise meaning your stuck.

If youre already in the comedy directory the way to get past this issue & what they fail to mention is that to create a file the command is touch.

so “touch shrek.text” and this will create the file.

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I cannot complete the last step though I’m reasonably confident that I’ve done it correctly.
I’m in the correct directory: “scifi/,” and the files that I copied there are present. However, I still cannot move on. Is there anyway to override this lesson and go to the next one?

You’re right…I wonder what that is…

Can you show a screenshot of where the problem is? It might be that Haythamrasmy’s answer will work:

I’m having the exact same problem. Although Haythamrasmy’s solution worked

I can verify that I was doing exactly as told and it wouldn’t let me get anywhere.


I’ve reported the bug before, too, a couple weeks ago and when it wasn’t fixed, I came here and found that people have been reporting this one since January 9th.

The most likely cause for all of these issues is that the console remembers where you are in the directory from the previous exercise. For users like myself who like to go further than the lessons direct, and play around to experiment, we end up in a directory other than where the 1st instruction thinks we are. When we type: cd ../../comedy the directory may not exist where we end up after backing up 2 steps in the directory depending on where we started. The simplest fix is to start the exercise from where the previous lesson left off by navigating to the /home/ccuser/workspace/movies/drama/historical directory. Then type: cd ../../comedy to pass the step. It would be nice if they could modify the lessons to just recognize that you are in the correct directory, but this step seems to require the specific command in the instructions.


There definitely should be a “sandbox mode,” whereby you can experiment with alternative solutions or forum questions without “un-completing” courses you have completed.

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OK, that makes sense. I’ll try that. But I do have one question:

If that is the case, then why would just typing “comedy” with a space before it work?

Am I missing something?

What is happening when you type cd ../../ comedy is that you are going back 2 steps in the directory. Since there is a space between the 2nd slash and ‘comedy’, ‘comedy’ is ignored. If you entered pwd after that command you’d see that you are not in the ‘comedy’ directory. Somehow having the space in there is getting past the SCT for the lesson, but it is not doing what many seem to think it’s doing. The lesson still works from that point, but it’s just a coincidence or fluke that it also works from where you end up after entering cd ../../ comedy. This concern has been raised with the Codecademy Team. We’ll see if anything changes.


Oh, that makes sense. Thanks!

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It worked! Thank you!

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Same Problem 3 months and no fix???

Same issue noted 10/16/19.

Same problem still. This is really frustrating.