[REPORTED] Missing parenthesis in Python 3 dictionary quiz

To Admin,

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this thread. I found tiny error in the Dictionary Quiz section in Python 3 tutorial.

Link provided.

What will the following code output?

combo_meals = {1: ["hamburger", "fries"], 2: ["hamburger", "fries", "soda"], 4: ["veggie burger", "salad", "soda"], 6: ["hot dog", "apple slices", "orange juice"]}
print(combo_meals.get(3, ["hamburger", "fries"])

There should be double quote end of the print statement.

print(combo_meals.get(3, [“hamburger”, “fries”]))

Happy New Year.

Thanks for catching that @shanestudio354350830!!
I just submitted a bug report.

For bug reports you can post in the #community:Codecademy-Bug-Reporting category. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also just an extra note, a double quote is ", the missing character you showed is a closing parenthesis )


You’re welcome. I’m glad to contribute. My apology, instead of parenthesis, I mentioned the double quotes.

Thanks for providing the links of bugs reporting category. I will use it in the future if I ever find any error or bugs.

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