[REPORTED] Incorrrect error message in JavaScript var lesson

I thing there is a bug.
On exercise number 2 it says : Declare a variable named numOfSlices using the var keyword and assign to it the number 8 .

I have written the following:

var favoriteFood = 'pizza';
var numOfSlices = 8; 

and there is a message:
Assign the summerStrut variable to an array. Use curly braces: { } .

Seems like a bug, i made a report. Thank you for reporting :slight_smile:

In the lesson, press the run button several times. Hopefully this will show the get solution button to get around the problem.


Okay, its fixed. You should now be able to do this exercise :slight_smile:

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Same thing above happened to me, it didnt allow me to pass when I entered var favoriteFood = ‘pizza’;
var numOfSlices = ‘8’;
I viewed solution and it was 8 without the inverted commas that was needed

I can understand the exercise rejects your code for using incorrect data type