[REPORTED] Hint contains an error and the solution code is incomplete

paragraph.innerHTML(“The text inside paragraph”); is this line in Hint correct?
Shouldnt it be a ‘=’?
And yes the line
line is missing from solution.
I find that this part of the exercises are full of errors. It makes it much harder to go on with learning.
Im not even sure if Im doing things right. Sometimes it approves wrong code, sometimes it doesn’t correct code.


You have pointed out 2 mistakes, and you are correct on both counts. You should submit a bug report for the lesson.

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I found and sent a lot of bug reports in this lesson, but got no answers, I hope somebody got it and working on it.

I agree with you the exercise is misleading by instructing to
Assign the new element an id of "oaxaca" by using the .id property on the new variable.
Yet this isn’t in the solution. Moving on to the next one we spend extra time scratching our heads debating whether we are wrong or if the solution is incomplete.

@py7888132363 & @danielr3941652699 Thank You for bringing it to our attention, we are looking into the situation to determine the problem.

Link to exercise: https://www.codecademy.com/paths/web-development/tracks/build-interactive-websites/modules/web-dev-interactive-websites/lessons/javascript-dom/exercises/create-element

Edit: This bug has been reported to the CC Engineering Team.

Update: 11/16/19 - The hint has been corrected, but the solution code is still missing the line to assign the new element an id of "oaxaca".