[Reported] Computer Science: Python control flow practice quiz with wrong answer?

Hello all, I was doing some practice with the control flow quiz, and I do believe the quiz is giving me the wrong answers?

x = 9
y = 7

it says that “x == y + 2” is False, when I do believe its True? I will add the printscreen together.
I apologize in advance if I missunderstood it but im pretty sure its supposed to be a True statement.

Hello and welcome to the forums @kodakush

Can you post the link to this quiz, your answer seems right to me but maybe I am missing something.

Quite possibly it is something like the wrong syntax.

@8-bitgaming thank you very much

it is one of the questions of this practice

I don’t see anything wrong with your answer, I will try something drastic and run the code on my desktop though it may be a bit before I can.

You could try reporting it as a bug.

I ran the code on my desktop through the command prompt, using an if-else block to test the problem, and it returns true. The question most likely has a bug, I would recommend reporting it.

I hope that was helpful.

I just tried doing that practice, but it didn’t give me that question…

In any case, in Python that statement returns True on my machine so I agree that I think it’s a bug.

I’ll move this thread to the Bug Reporting forum momentarily. :slight_smile:


Hi @kodakush

Sorry for the delay.

I can’t recreate the error, as the quiz isn’t giving me that question… but I’ve logged a ticket with Codecademy to ask them to take a look.

I’ll update the topic when I hear anything back. :slight_smile:

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