[reported #594] Learn the Command Line - Environment - 3. Bash Profile - .bash_profile not sourced

Does that highlighted statement mean that when i click “New session” on the right side would the terminal type the command “source ~/.bash_profile” implicitly? because the highlighted part says that “it will load the contents of the bash profile before executing commands”. but when i try it it doesnt seem to work. i have to type the "source ~/.bash_profile by myself. is this a bug?



Varies from system to system, and configurations should probably be going into .bashrc, not .bash_profile

But yeah, when they say a file is sourced on startup, they better configure their environment to match.

.bashrc does get sourced, if you like you can add a line in it to source .bash_profile:

$ echo 'source ~/.bash_profile' >> ~/.bashrc

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