[reported #58] PHP - Introduction to PHP - 8. Variables


There is a typo in Unit 1.8 of the PHP course.
In the last sentence of the second paragraph, “case-senstive” should be “case-sensitive”.

Thank you for taking the time to report this. It has been logged into the tracking system.

FYI: case-senstive should be case-sensitive

Thank you for pointing this out. I’ve reassigned the topic to the Platform category where it will be seen by the improvement team.

Hi there !

First of all, I wish you all a very happy new year!

I’m Xavier from France and I’m following your lessons on PHP and Javascript to check and practise my competences.
oday, I’ve detected some mistakes at the beginning of the lessons concerning PHP:

  • “senstive” instead of “sensitive”
  • “i” instead of “$i”
  • “elif” instead of “elseif”.

Below is a screenshot to show precisely where are the mistakes, so that you can correct them:

I’ll keep checking and sharing it with you if it’s worth. Let me now.

By the way, thank you for your excellent website and pedagogy! Keep on!

senstive - https://www.codecademy.com/en/courses/web-beginner-en-StaFQ/1/4

elif - https://www.codecademy.com/en/courses/web-beginner-en-jZv2E/0/3

i + 5 - https://www.codecademy.com/en/courses/web-beginner-en-L83Do/0/3

yeah i was stuck :stuck_out_tongue: but when i did what i thought was right it didnt work so thanks for letting us all know :stuck_out_tongue: