[reported #393] Wrong number of projects done

Hi !

I have an issue with the achieved projects count in items in my path : for some languages, there are multiples projects, but the summary states 1/x, even if I did all the projects…

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Are you certain you saved them ? You need to click save and when the pop up comes for the next lesson/quiz/project you need to click on any of them if you were to close the tab it won’t be saved :slight_smile:

Go over and save all your projects again and let me know.


I’ll have not seen a save button…

Example : What i see in my dashboard

What I see when i expand the item (i’ve done 4/15 of the projects):

And that’s what I see when I finished a project:

The issus is not really important, but may be annoying when i’m searching for new projects to achieve…

Oh okay I misunderstood what was displaying in correctly

Thank You for bringing it to our attention :green_heart:

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