[reported #22] "Invalid Certificate" Error


Mark I'm having the same issue, including the behind-the-scenes rejected connections from codex.codeacademy.com in Safari and Chrome. I checked the certificate signatures and fingerprints, which match the main certificate; the only difference is that the top-level certificates aren't being presented from codex.codeacademy.com, just one intermediate. Aside from "just trusting" the certificate, I'm not sure what else to do.

Getting a constant spinner in the window when trying to access courses

Looks to have cleared up, probably from an earlier outage: https://twitter.com/Codecademy/status/699697815568654336


Hey Andy,

Thanks for reporting this :slightly_smiling:
@CommunityManagers, Are you able to help?


I'm not sure what the exact issue is, but @zystvan can you file this in the product issues queue?


@ryan :+1: Sure, done :slightly_smiling: