[reported #21] Problems rendering Codecademy in Internet Explorer

I have had problems with codeacademy`s layout on IE the last couple of day. The tool bar normally on the bottom of the site has moved to the top and covered the log in section. My students have also been having the same problem. Any suggestions on what I can do? Thanks!


IE doesn’t support a lot of things many websites have this problem,
I suggest you use Chrome, Firefox or Safari you won’t go wrong
Sorry for the inconvenience

Happy learning :slightly_smiling:
Happy coding !

The site has recently had a makeover, so that might be why you’re seeing a few problems - it could be the new layout.

I’m sure Codecademy will soon go back to being usable in terms of visibility in the next few weeks/months, but for now I suggest using a different browser.
Here’s a list of popular working browsers:
Google Chrome,
Mozilla Firefox,
Apple Safari.

And @zainabrawat is right, you may be experiencing issues with Codecademy on IE because IE isn’t very supportive of new websites - I think personally that this is because they are focused on Edge more.

Hi Andrew, are you using Windows 7, 8 or 10?

@zainabrawat, @jibblyj, are either of you using a Windows machine to test this?

Oh dear.

Images ![|690x387](upload://bIrZwFzHLL6hTZBKN3M2AGf5tDw.png)Main screen ![|690x387](upload://b5VYjpF57DRKL8k83FvB66uBe28.png)Course Sections

Thanks @jibblyj. Please post your OS and browser versions.

@CommunityManagers -- a problem with the codecademy.com pages rendering in IE.

Windows 8
IE Version 10.0.9200.16736

I’m using a windows machine running win10

I tested on Microsoft Edge works tops


Thank you for follow up with this issue. @albionsrefuge, can you file this in the product issues queue?

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I will give it a go. I didn’t realize we had the green light on that yet.

I`m currently using Windows 7. I switched to Firefox and it is working fine, thanks for the advice!

I`m currently using Windows 7. I switched to Firefox and it is working fine.

That’s good news!

For bug reporting purposes, could you post a screenshot of the problem and include your OS and browser versions please?

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Continuing the discussion from Common email, password and Login issues:

Yesterday and today when trying to login the footer on the main login in screen is fixed at the top of the page and covering the login section. Thankfully, I was able to figure out how to inspect the element on my Explorer 11 window to change the footer so I could see the login section to login. I could not find anywhere else to post this so it gets fixed.

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for taking the time to report! This problem has also been reported by others. To help with trouble shooting,

Could you please post:

  • a screenshot of the problem
  • which operating system you are using
  • which browser you are using

I’m going to shift your post over to keep these together.

I am using Windows 7 and IE 11. I will have to post the screenshot tomorrow. Also, on this computer, I have no other option for browser.

Can’t you just download another browser, such as Firefox or Chrome?

Thanks Shannon, that info helps a lot.

Often, on work or school computers, users are blocked from installing applications.

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I am using IE 11