[reported #139] Not connecting to Codecademy (priyaanshu_51aae0fdc)



I'm trying to learn Java, but the Code Editor is completely greyed out.. It just says, open files here to edit them..

Can someone please help me out with this!?
Thanks a lot!


If you got the white-dot in the upper-right corner,
it indicates that you have NO connection to the Java Server....
either by a Server-down situation, or a Denial-of-Service by server-overload.......

You will have to leave the course
and come back after a hour or more......


This is also another one of those cases where the user's profile on codecademy.com gives a 404 error.


I've been gathering reports and passing these in, but no word back yet.

I'm going to move this over to the "Problems" category with the rest of them.


@priyaanshu_51aae0fdc, have you ever deleted your Codecademy account?