[reported #139] Connecting to Codecademy, view my profile gives 404 (david.sobczak)




I have a probem, when I want visit my profil by clicking "View my profil" I have a 404 error.

My profil link is : https://www.codecademy.com/david.sobczak

What should I do ?

Thank you for your help.


This sort of thing usually happens when you delete your account?

Do you know if this has happened?


Yes, I believe I tried to delete my account 3 years ago, but because I could still connect I have continued to use my account.

It is not possible to correct this problem ?


I'm not sure if I understand you correctly after deleting your account three years ago, you still could login and continue with the course ? and now you can't ?


Exactly, and now I can still login


@CommunityManagers or @CodecademyModerators can help you :slightly_smiling:


For information, I use google oauth for my account



I detected an other problem. I would like to do the angular course, but with this account the code editor is disabled and on the top bar I have always the message "Connecting to codecademy".

I created an other account "David dwd" and I don't have this problem ...


From several users, I'm getting a correlation between having a deleted account and getting the "Connecting ... " message.

Profile that gives the 404 error: https://www.codecademy.com/david.sobczak
Profile that does not give an error: https://www.codecademy.com/daviddwd

Is it just AngularJS? If you have time could you click in to some of the other courses and see what you get?