[reported #139] Connecting to Codecademy; My Profile, 404 error (cam_cube)

I get a “404 Error” everytime I try to view my profile. Anyone experienced this before?

NOTE: I still have my courses finished, so my account isn’t deleted or something.

Hi Cam,

I’ve reported this and I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

It looks like Cam is logged into codecademy.com but it also looks like his account has been deleted – limbo.

try to refresh your computer a few times or go back a page and come back.I’ve had this problem once

It does not work for me :frowning:


Hope it can be fixed!

Hi Cam,

I just heard back and it sounds like it can’t be fixed. They are saying that you must have deleted your account at some point and that’s why you are getting that 404 on your profile.

Bummer :frowning:

I haven’t deleted it, I just haven’t been online for a couple of month :(. Guess I’ll have to create a new account

I can pass that on, see what they say.

I would appreciate that :slight_smile:

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Wanted to try out Java, but the interface is not working for me.

I can’t code anywhere, and just sees “Code Editor Open files here to edit them” on the screen.

Also, I get a 404 error when trying to view my profile :frowning: but this is another problem…

Hi Cam,

A couple of questions:

Operating system:



I’m using Windows 7 and Firefox v 44.0, also tried on Chrome did not work there either…

Would like to show you a screenshot as soon as I find the upload button

Just copy/paste or drag/drop the image into the editor.

In the upper right – see the “Connecting to Codecademy” message?

Once that turns green then you should get access to the editor. I’m not sure what to do to make that happen though.

I usually suggest trying a different browser, which you have done.

Can you get into another course – like Learn Command Line?

No, “Learn Command Line” is not working either, having the message saying
“There are a lot of people taking this course right now! It might be unavailable until the crowd clears.Until then, how about taking one of our other courses?”

But I guess it is the same for java?

However, you don’t happen to know why I can’t reach my profile either?

Thanks by the way :slight_smile:

EDIT: Strange that the dot in the upper right corner don’t turn green :frowning:

No problem :slightly_smiling:

There is something a little funny with your account, I’m getting that 404 error too.

Could you try logging out of the main site and back in again? After that, you may have to do that here too.

Try diffrent browsers… Or diffrent computers if you have more than one. If that dot dosent turn green then unfourtuantely you wont be able to go on the editor… But dont worry it will work soon! If you really want to start Java know look at this awesome tutorial by a great youtuber TheNewBoston(This should get you more than set for the codecademy challenges!):

EDIT: I dont understand why both of you are expierencing this problem @albionsrefuge and @digitalcoder39342_52. Mine works fine… Are you on Chrome @digitalcoder39342_52?

I am not experiencing this problem.

Bummer :frowning:

Yeah, I already tried that…but maybe a restart of my computer will do it? It have been a long time since I used codecademy…like a couple of months. Feels like my profile just have been deleted or something…but it’s weird cuz I’ve still have course finished on my page.