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I'm getting an error message despite my tag working correctly. Can someone please let me know if there is an error in the code, or if there is a way to reboot the program so i don't get this message and can move on.

<h1> <h1 style="font-family:arial black">Tables Are Mega Sweet</h1> and 
<h1> <h1 style='font-family:arial'>Tables Are Mega Sweet</h1>

Oops, try again. Slow down there, Speed Racer--it looks like your

tags are nested funny, like this: <h1> <h1 style='...'></h1>. Fix 'em up!




the output looks correct because your browser is very complicated good software, doesn't mean your code is right.

when you have an element:

<p>just an example</p>

you can add the style attribute to opening tag without creating an additional opening tag in the process:

<p style="">just an example</p>