Replacing items in a list of dictionaries

I have the following list of dictionaries:

menu = [{"food": "basic lasagna", "description": "basic lasagna takes tomato sauce and ground beef ."}, {"food": "carbonara pasta", "description": "there are many types of pasta in this world, but carbonara pasta is one of the best ."}, {...}, ...]

I have to highlight the food in the description with tags <food> food </food> , but I don’t know how to do this without complicating with indexes. My initial idea was:

for item in menu:
    tag = item["food"]
    if item["food"] in item["description"]:
        i = tag.index()
        tagging = "<food> " + tag + "</food>"

But then I got stuck because I don’t really know how to replace the item. Any suggestions?

If you want to change the key in the dictionary …
you could delete the old key and create a new one:

for item in menu:
    if "food" in item:   #check if "food" is a key in the dictionary
        value = item["food"]   # get the value for the "food" key
        tagging = "<food> " + value + "</food>"
        item.pop("food")   # remove the "food" key from the dictionary
        item[tagging] = value   # create a new key in the dictionary 
                                # that gives the same value