Replace with Solution not working

*Screen Freezes. I tried Code Academy on a couple of devices with the same result. Is this a temporary bug or is there a fix?

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Could you provide the link to the specific exercise where this isn’t working?

Hello Victoria,

Thank you for your help.

Above is the code I was trying to replace in the Java course. I have pro account; but, I am registered under my teacher google account. I am not sure if the school board has firewalled access to this feature. It was working before.

What browser are you using?

I was using Chrome. I actually tried Safari as well. Double checked to make sure nothing was being blocked on Chrome via settings. No luck.

The same happened to me this week while I was doing the Learn React course. I could see the solution but the screen was frozen and I needed to refresh my page to get out of it. I also use Chrome.

Hm… same situation for me. Once “Get Code Solution” is clicked, you can’t interact with the page (all the animations for the buttons work, but you clicking them does nothing). You can’t exit from the “Get Code Solution” view either to go back to the learning environment. I tried it on Microsoft Edge as well, doesn’t work. It seems that it’s not a problem with this specific exercise though, I tried it with an exercise in the Learn Swift course and it isn’t working either.

Thank you again Victoria, for looking into this. Currently, it does appear to be a problem on the CodeAcademy platform. I tried the “Get Code Solution” on a few other exercises today in the Java course with the same result. The screen freezes and you have to refresh the page to exit. Hopefully someone from CodeAcademy can let us know when there will be a fix. Cheers.

Hey everyone, we’re looking into this problem now, not sure as to the complexity of the fix just yet so I can’t give a timeline, but I can say that we’re prioritising it!


Hi, I’m also experiencing an issue when i try to Replace with Solution in Learn R - same situation in both Chrome and Safari.

A fix is rolling out this afternoon for our interactive lessons, a fix for interactive articles is a little further off (days not weeks). We appreciate your patience!

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