Repetitive use of console.log() in JS course

Would it be possible to provide a keyboard shortcut for “console.log()” in the Javascript lessons (Ctrl-Shift-L for example)?

Autocomplete would also be awesome too as per this suggestion A suggestion: can autocomplete be added to the Codecademy Editor? - #4 by thepitycoder

Until the autocomplete comes to Codecademy, you might want to give Phrase Express a try. It is a text expander and autotext software that just might do what you want. I used autotext consolelog to expand the following phrase console.log({#cursor}); to console.log();. But it is also possible to set up a keyboard shortcut to do the same thing. I hope you will find it useful.

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If there’s commands you find yourself using a lot outside of your preferred coding editors and IDEs, I recommend a hotkey macro like AutoHotkey. You can link a key combination to commonly typed strings, to make things easier.

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