Repeatedly Having to Submit Correct Answers


I keep entering correct answers and the dialogue box says their wrong. However, i think this most likely has to do with y'alls website not taking my code correctly. It outputs my name and my age just like the instructions say. When I leave the functions variables blank, I still get it wrong. So i feel I understand the material but I have to fight your site to believe me. This is an example, but I have had to reload and load each page multiple times to figure out what the work-around for my code to be accepted. Might you have any ideas about why it consistently takes a long time for my code to be accepted?

Here is my code for Functions Part II:

function aboutMe($name, $age){
echo ("Hello, my name is " . $name . ", and I am " . $age . " years old.");




Had also tried calling these functions:

aboutMe("Winston", 25);

aboutMe($name, $age);

aboutMe("$name", "$age");

and while it would output "Hello, my name is Winston, and I am 25 years old." The site kept telling me it was wrong, but there were no errors in my code (other than not calling variables correctly).


I realized that you have to use the exact text from the instructions, which is:

"Hello! My name is " . $name . ", and I am " . $age . " years old."