Renew subscription and lost refund my account


I messaged four times through “Get help” support section from your codecademy website and emailed as well about subscription to renew and also I had refund $39.99, which was in my account and cannot find it when I log in. And it won’t show after my previous subscription expired. I haven’t heard from anyone yet. I am very disappointed, and why would anyone ignore my message and email. In my previous year as a pro member never had a support from your staff. I will do myself to finish web development career path. Please, reply. I’d like to renew and lost my job due Covid-19. I’d like to start coding and get a job.


Hello @mjaji
Unfortunately , we can’t settle billing on the forums.
However since you say you have submitted tickets already and have not heard anything back, I can ask someone to look into this.

I am not certain I understand your problem though.
Are you asking for a refund, or asking to renew your subscription?


well, I am asking for both. I had refund then would have added that payment to help me to renew subscription.

And just tell them to look into this issues. Yes, I had submitted tickets several times and the staff kept ignoring it. Also, emailed them. So disappointing.

I sent a message to ‘those higher than me’ within the forums, asking them to look at this.

As I understand it there has been quiet a bit more activity than normal due to the current virus situation as people are looking into new jobs. I doubt they would have ignored it, it is most likely just mixed with a large pile of other requests they have to work with too.

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If you are getting your subscription renewed, what are asking to be refunded?

It was partial refunded, because I wasn’t happy to book a session with a coach. So I cannot use that refund to renew it. Even, I cannot get these payment back to bank account. Have a look at attachment, then in what ways do I have to use that refund.

I received a message from one of the admininstrators that this has been sent to the staff.
The staff should hopefully get back to this tomorrow.

I will let you know if I hear more, but you most likely will hear from them.