Rendering images that are not pre-provided by Codecademy

I am coding in Phaser.js and I am getting the Physics, and I am rendering the pre-provided images, now how do I add images of my own? I have tried pasting links to images from my desktop in PNG format but it did not work and it showed a black block with a green stripe through it. I suspect that it is an undefined image. I thought that the program may not be able to access images from my desktop, so instead, I tried looking up images online. The same thing happened.

For example, what if I wanted to turn Codey into a lizard? []

Upload the image into a post in this topic. Right click, copy the URL and paste it into your code.

Thank You! It worked!

How would I upload an image from my desktop?

The same way you uploaded that one. Upload, Browse, image. Done.

Are you sure that the source site of this image is cool with your using it here?

Images, and all media in general, have headers. Those headers contain all manner of information, one piece being a checksum of some sort. Better protected objects will have some form of integrity checking. Needless, it is not above spiders from querying the headers of objects they find. Companies have been built around this concept of tracking duplicates on the web.

If we use some image from another site there is still a way for them to find their image on our site. It could come down to comparison of the thumbnail files in each header or random bitmap comarisons. It is more than easy for images to be tracked when used on websites.

I didn’t think about that as I was just looking for a quick image for troubleshooting. I would normally create something myself. I’ll see about deleting it.

@mtf thank you for your help and advice.

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