renderAction not defined (src/components/Track/Track.js)

Hi there, could someone help me with the following problem please?

Not sure to why it says renderAction is not defined when I added a renderAction method just underneath the Track class?

Thank you in advanced

import React from 'react';

import './Track.css';

class Track extends React.Component {

    renderAction() {
        if (this.props.isRemoval) {
            return <button className="Track-action">-</button>
        } else {
            return <button className="Track-action">+</button>

    render() {
        return (
            <div className="Track">
                <div className="Track-information">
                    <p>{this.props.track.artist} | {this.props.track.album}</p>
                {/*Added a dynamic button that displays a negative or a positive based on the value of the prop isRemoval that will be passed down to this component*/}

export default Track;

My apologies…

I had to add 'this. ’ before the renderAction…

But when I done this I ran into some fatal errors that made my program turn into a blank white screen.

I believe this had something to do with the map method which I will try to resolve myself… if not I’m posting something here again haha