Removed, no need for help


Deleted, figured it out, no need for help anymore.


You could add print statements in your code to figure out where the problem is.

One print can go right above/below the place where you push into the array. If that prints then this means the push was executed but you did it incorrectly.

One can go right above the condition for pushing, if this prints but the previous one does not, then that means that the condition isn't letting through what it should and that it needs to be changed. If this isn't printing either then that means the loop isn't running. (I'm assuming there's more code than what you posted and that it has a loop. If that's all the code then you should probably go back a few exercises)


Oh yeah, I inserted the wrong code. I'll edit it and put the right code in.


I just edited and put my full code in.


bump. I still need help with this


There's no question in sight though :o but perhaps you've solved it by now.

But this was mostly a matter of inserting prints in the code and figuring out which parts were executed and which were not, and then fixing the control flow to match your expectations.

It's the kind of mistake we make ALL the time so there's no point in having it pointed out to you, gotta just figure out how to find it because it's something we constantly have to do.