Removed course


I had gotten a long way through codecademy’s old javascript course which was only just taken down while I was in the middle of one of the tasks. Is there any way to access the old version or skip ahead in the new version?

Please, I really don’t want to go through all the exercises again.



There isn’t, you would have to retake the new course

there was a good reason there was a message saying this course would be changed when visiting the old JS track.


Would it really so bad? The course is revised and updated so there is a lot of new material to learn.


Don’t worry I had the same problem today and I was so sad but the good news is that if u went to badges that u take from the old JS course and choose 1 of them it will bring you back to the old page and u can continue and make progress and take more badges I just took 2 badges but u can’t see your progress in percentage as the main page has been deleted I wish this and tell me if it did


That won’t be for long. The composer environment belongs to Udacity, now, and CC must abandon it. Only a matter of time. But, by all means, get in what practice you can in the old tracks.


I was sure that it will be removed but I was at the last lesson so I finished it fast but I decided to look in the new course I’m sure there will be better stuff


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